About – Verity Power


Verity Power is a small design house that was created to provide engineering assistance in the power electronics realm.  Located on a small hilltop in central New Hampshire, the focus of Verity Power is to provide expertise to others who do not have in-house power supply design capabilities.  We will do a complete turn-key design from scratch or provide design support for most any stage in-between. If you’re not quite sure exactly what you need we can help with creating a specification.  If you have a new prototype design you want to power up but are short staffed give us a call.

We can also provide sustaining engineering service for existing products in production on an emergency basis.  If your production line is down we can help get you up and running in a hurry. Do you need another pair of eyes to look at a set of PCB artworks?  We can tackle that and root out problems.  Spinning a PC board is an expensive undertaking and you need to get it right the first time.  Few things are more discouraging than spending time and money on a spin only to find the board is worthless because a problem wasn’t caught before going to fab.

We especially enjoy engineering cost reduction efforts.  If you have an older design that you want to get current, we can take care of that and wrangle some cost out as well.If you have a through-hole design it’s time to take a look at it.  This business is very competitive these days. We’ve saved clients Millions and we can save you too.

From time to time we get involved with SBIR research grants.  If you need a partner we would consider any opportunities that come our way.

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