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The FalconIII is a military radio platform produced by Harris RFCD in Rochester, NY. I redesigned the power supply boards for both the hand held AN/PRC-152 and the Mobile unit for the Hum-Vee and Mrap vehicles.  Each effort realized more than a million dollar savings each year in production.  While I was at Harris I also designed a  wireless inductive coupled 80 watt battery charger. 


This is a Parametrics FHP motor drive – a three phase inverter.  This is called a six-step inverter.  Parametrics was a small company in Orange Connecticut.  I began my power electronics education there in 1978 and was fortunate to have been able to work with some outstanding engineers while I was there.


The Parajst GX was an inverter I worked on while at ABB.   The Parajust was a pulse width modulated three phase inverter.  It used high frequency transformer coupled gate drives, and a flyback power supply that ran off the DC bus. The GX introduced a software defined overload protection scheme which UL signed off on.  The base was an investment casting and the cover was injection molded.  This was a very popular motor drive at the time.

MK 48

The MK 48 torpedo has been around for a long long time.  Many of the MK48 torpedos are fired during practice shots and then retrieved.  I was a diver and retrieved many out of Pearl Harbor.  More recently I have been involved with a new power supply for the MK48. The new power supply uses a dozen LiFePO4 cells to produce 300VDC at a kilowatt.  This power supply must run for 12 seconds to start the torpedo.


Here are 4kW of the REC250PE panels.  They provide most of the power to run the house and shop.  The panels are supported by a trailer axle in order to adjust the tilt throughout the seasons


This is a Collins R390A military receiver. It was used up until the 1970’s. The R390 is very popular with the ham radio crowd. When I’m not doing design type work, I spend a little time restoring old tube radios.


This is a Lithium battery pack for the Gulfstream Personal Jet.  I worked on the design while I was contract at Secruraplane in Tucson, AZ.  The pack uses 224 lithium ion cells, wired to produce 24vdc. The stack is 8 high with 8 individual chargers for each row. This pack is used to start the aircraft.  I enjoyed the winter I spent in Arizona, and was happy to have been able to help Securaplane.  I made a 32 point presentation to management which highlighted problems and included suggestions towards improving designs

SSN 651

Ths is the USS Queenfish – SSN651, out of Pearl Harbor HI.  The Queenfish was my first duty station after sonar school.  I worked on sonar gear while aboard..

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