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Power Converters


This is a Parametrics FHP motor drive – a three phase inverter.  This is called a six-step inverter.  Parametrics was a small company in Orange Connecticut.  I began my power electronics education there in 1978 and was fortunate to have been able to work with some outstanding engineers while I was there.


The Parajst GX was an inverter I worked on while at ABB.   The Parajust was a pulse width modulated three phase inverter.  It used high frequency transformer coupled gate drives, and a flyback power supply that ran off the DC bus. The GX introduced a software defined overload protection scheme which UL signed off on.  The base was an investment casting and the cover was injection molded.  This was a very popular motor drive at the time.

MK 48

The MK 48 torpedo has been around for a long long time.  Many of the MK48 torpedos are fired during practice shots and then retrieved.  I was a diver and retrieved many out of Pearl Harbor.  More recently I have been involved with a new power supply for the MK48. The new power supply uses a dozen LiFePO4 cells to produce 300VDC at a kilowatt.  This power supply must run for 12 seconds to start the torpedo.


This is a Lithium battery pack for the Gulfstream Personal Jet.  I worked on the design while I was contract at Secruraplane in Tucson, AZ.  The pack uses 224 lithium ion cells, wired to produce 24vdc. The stack is 8 high with 8 individual chargers for each row. This pack is used to start the aircraft.  I enjoyed the winter I spent in Arizona, and was happy to have been able to help Securaplane.  I made a 32 point presentation to management which highlighted problems and included suggestions towards improving designs

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